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COVID-19 Article Pre-Prints

Creating Digital Activity Schedules to Promote Independence and Engagement – Kassidy S. Reinert, Thomas S. Higbee, and Lyndsay D. Nix

A Proposed Process for Risk Mitigation During the COVID-19 Pandemic – David J. Cox, Joshua B. Plavnick, & Matthew T. Brodhead

Maintaining Treatment Integrity in the Face of Crisis: A Treatment Selection Model for Transitioning Direct ABA Services to Telehealth – Kristine A. Rodriguez, Department of Clinical Development and Outcomes, Autism Learning Partners

From helpless to hero: Promoting values-based behavior and positive family interaction in the midst of Covid-19 – Thomas G. Szabo Florida Institute of Technology; Sarah Richling, Auburn University; Dennis D. Embry PAXIS Institute; Anthony Biglan, Oregon Research Institute; Kelly G. Wilson, One Life Education and Training

An Essential Service Decision Model for Applied Behavior Analytic Providers During Crisis – Richard A. Colombo, Michele Wallace, and Rachel Taylor
Center for Applied Behavior Analysis

Promoting Functional Communication within the Home – Andy Bondy, Catherine Horton, and Lori Frost, Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc.

A Model of Support for Families of Children with Autism Living in the COVID-19 Lockdown: Lessons from Italy – Francesca degli Espinosa, ABA Clinic, UK, University of Salerno, Fisciano, Italy; Alma Metko and Marta Raimondi, Private Practice, Bergamo, Italy; Michele Impenna, Private Practice, Rome, Italy; Elena Scognamiglio, Private Practice, Naples, Italy

First Things First: Parent Psychological Flexibility and Self-Compassion During COVID-19 – Lisa W. Coyne, Harvard Medical School; Evelyn R. Gould, Harvard Medical School; Mikala Grimaldi, McLean Hospital; Kelly G. Wilson, University of Mississippi; Gabriel Baffuto, University of Scranton; Anthony Biglan, Oregon Research Institute

information About Autism treatment and ABA

Feeling overwhelmed by information overload around Autism treatment?

Here are our suggested links to current and relevant information about Autism treatment and Applied Behaviour Analysis:

Medicare for Autism

At the 2016 Liberal Party Convention, a motion was passed by the Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia) that the treatment of autism (specifically applied behaviour analysis) be covered by our national medicare program. BC-ABA supports this motion and will be watching its progress.

View the motion