About BC-ABA

The British Columbia Association for Behaviour Analysis (BC-ABA) was founded as a registered society and an ABAI Chapter Affiliate in May 2008. Our Executive Board is comprised of volunteers, who meet as a group approximately 10 times per year, plus one Annual General Meeting. BC-ABA holds an annual conference, usually in March of each year, with fantastic keynote speakers as well as content from talented local presenters. Past presenters have included Mary Jane Weiss, Peter Gerhardt, Brian Iwata, Ilene Schwartz, William Ahearn, Mark Durand, Raymond Romanczyk, Ron Von Houten, Matthew Brodhead, Lisa Britton, Tiffany Kodak, Jim Carr, Jon Bailey, Tyra Sellers, Janet Twyman, and Linda LeBlanc.

For more information about the BC-ABA, visit our FAQ page.

Our Mission

  • To function in British Columbia, Canada, as the liason with and affiliate of the Association for Behaviour Analysis International (ABAI)
  • To advance behaviour analysis in the province of British Columbia. BC-ABA’s interests lie in basic science focusing on principles governing human and nonhuman behaviour (i.e. the experimental analysis of behaviour) as well as applied science focusing on application of those principles for improvement of socially important problems (applied behaviour analysis), and disseminating this information to stimulate interest in and correct misunderstandings of behaviour analysis in the general public.
  • To work towards the regulation of behaviour analysis practitioners in British Columbia.

BC-ABA Board

President: Miriam Elfert, Ph.D., BCBA

President-Elect: Sarah Pastrana, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Secretary: Hayley Neimy, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Treasurer: Hilary McClinton, M.Ed., BCBA

Member at Large, Conference: Amy Tanner, Ph. D., BCBA

Member at Large, Conference: Preetinder Narang, M. Ed.; Ph.D. Candidate

Member at Large, Elections: Laurel Rankin, M. Sc., BCBA

Member at Large, Membership: Jemana Elsharkawi, M. Ed., BCBA

Member at Large, Membership: Nicole Shallow, M.Ed., BCBA

Member at Large, Communications: Ben Reiman, M.A., BCBA

Member at Large, Elections: Laurel Rankin, M.Sc., BCBA

Student Representative: Jennifer Ashlee, M.Ed

Student Representative: Shelly Wadden, B.A.

For more information about the BC-ABA Board, view our Roles and Responsibilities.