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Call for Papers Submission Information

12th Annual BC-ABA Conference
March 6th and 7th, 2020
University of British Columbia

The Conference Committee for the 12th Annual BC Association for Behaviour Analysis (BC-ABA) Conference invites proposals for conference presentations on all behaviour analytic related topics. All proposals must be received by January 10th, 2020 in order to be considered. Submission of a proposal is considered to be a commitment to register for the conference. Authors will be notified by February 1st, 2020 whether or not their proposal has been accepted or rejected.

The conference committee is especially interested in receiving proposals from individuals who have not presented at BC-ABA in the past.

All presenters must be current BC-ABA members.

General Information

The Conference Committee will be guided in the selection of proposals by the criteria of quality, content area, significance, and program balance. Only unpublished papers may be presented, and the program must not be used by individuals to take orders for or sell programs, products, or materials. All presenters are expected to follow accepted ethical procedures to protect human subjects.

Please note that this conference DOES NOT focus solely on autism spectrum disorders; thus, proposals are encouraged across a wide range of behaviour analytic topics that affect individuals across the age range, both with and without disabilities.

Students and support workers (e.g., behaviour interventionists, tutors, junior therapists, group home staff) are encouraged to participate by submitting posters or by collaborating with supervisors/ senior therapists on traditional papers, symposiums miniseminars.

Presentation Formats

Authors should select the session format most appropriate to the type and extent of information they wish to offer. The Conference will include the following five formats:

  1. Symposium: Organized by a chairperson who moderates the session. Three twenty-five (25) minute presentations and a discussant (15 minutes) focused on empirical, conceptual, historical, or methodological research. The symposium should be organized on a central theme and all presentations must be submitted together in one submission form by the chairperson.
  2. Traditional paper: Forty (40) minute presentations of original and unpublished information, the nature of which can be case study-based, experimental (data-based), clinical, or topic review/synthesis. Traditional papers will be organized by topic in session blocks of 90 minutes, with two presentations per session and a 10 minute question and answer period.
  3. Miniseminar: Ninety (90) minute presentations providing a more thorough treatment of a topic than allowed by a traditional paper. It must be clear from the abstract that the topic warrants a longer time period.
  4. Panel Discussion: Organized by a chairperson who moderates the session. A ninety (90) minute presentation consisting of at least three panelists and a chairperson. Panelists respond to specific questions on a central topic with alloted time for audience participation.
  5. Poster: Presentation of information that lends itself readily to visual display. Authors must be prepared to construct a poster board exhibit that can “stand alone” in conveying information. Authors are expected to be present during the poster session, which will take place during the lunch break. Accompanying handouts are encouraged.

Domain Definitions

To improve the appropriate pairing of traditional papers and the over all scheduling of submissions BC-ABA is adopting domain definitions as stated in ABAI’s call for papers. Please refer to the definitions below when deciding the domain of your submision:

Basic Research: research that primarily contributes to knowledge about fundamental principles of behaviour; target behaviour is selected based on scientific goals rather than social significance (can include verbal behaviour in humans); any species; theoretically driven; data-based; premium placed on experimental control; activity carried out under auspices of research protocol

Applied Research: research that primarily contributes to knowledge about how/why interventions, service delivery systems, or their components achieve desired behaviour change; target behaviour selected on basis of its social significance; human emphasis; intervention designed to improve performance or adaptive functioning of individuals or behavioural systems; data-based; development of new technology for behaviour change; activity carried out under auspices of research protocol.

Service Delivery: intervention driven activity to produce desired behaviour change rather than to identify how/why interventions, service delivery systems, or their components achieve those goals; extension of existing technology to new setting or population; also may include public policy, regulatory, ethical, and related service-delivery issues.

Theory: theoretical; conceptual; integrative statements about organizations of facts; interpretations; mathematical models/quantitative analyses; also can include historical and philosophical analyses or reviews

Presentation Level

The levels will assist audience members in choosing appropriate presentations to view. Please refer to the definitions below to determine the level of your submission.

Introductory: the information provides an introduction to the topic, is basic in nature, and requires no or minimal prerequisite knowledge of the topic.

Intermediate: the information is suitable for audience members who have completed at least some course work in behaviour analysis (i.e. at a beginning master’s-program level or at the BCaBA level)

Advanced: the information is suitable for audience members at the post-master’s level, who have completed their BCBA certification

CEU Eligibility

Presentations must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for consideration as a CE event:

  • At least one presenter in a multi-presenter event must meet ACE instructor criteria (please refer to BACB ACE Provider Handbook);
  • The qualified ACE instructor must actively supervise the instruction delivered by the co-presenters;
  • Information presented must be at a level of difficulty that is appropriate for post-certification attendees.

Guidelines for Submitting Proposals

A formal proposal is required for all session formats. All submissions must be in English. Proposals that are incomplete or that do not follow the format prescribed in the guidelines will be returned to the author. If resubmission occurs after the deadline date, the proposal will not be considered.

The Conference Committee retains the right to assign a proposed presentation to another session format unless authors state specifically that reassignment is not acceptable.

Submit proposals by January 10th, 2020 using the form below.

You MUST submit one COMPLETE submission for for each session you propose. If more than one session is submitted, please indicate the order of preference if all proposals cannot be accepted due to space and time constraints.

Submission Form