Student Alliance

The purpose of the BC-ABA Student Alliance is to increase student membership within BC-ABA and to meet with students studying behaviour analysis within British Columbia. By providing a platform to students, the Student Alliance can liaison communication between students and the BC-ABA Board and aid with the organization of student-led behaviour analytic events that are beneficial to students.

In British Columbia, students studying behaviour analysis are able to attend a variety of schools either locally or through distance education to obtain different levels of education and certification (e.g., BCaBA, BCBA). Although this is fantastic, this can create a disconnect between students in our community as they are not able to connect with peers, access educators or resources as easily unless they attend a university full time. The BC-ABA-SA is mandated to help connect the students in our community so that they have greater access to resources, peers and educators and remain motivated to thrive in this field.

About the BC-ABA Student Alliance (SA)

The BC-ABA-SA counsel meets 10 times within a calendar year to plan events and activites, and consists of six representatives:

  • Two student representatives from BC-ABA
  • Three student representatives post-secondary ABA programs within BC (e.g., Capilano, Douglas, UBC, distance education programs) who are voted in each year.
  • A rotating BC-ABA board member also attends the meetings to advise the counsel when necessary

The BC-ABA-SA has presented the following free events for students in BC:

  • Being a Full-time Behaviour Interventionist in British Columbia (June, 2015)
  • Time to Study! Behaviour Analytic Tactics for Studying (October, 2015)
  • Considerations for Designing Test and Control Conditions for Functional Analysis of Problem Behaviour with Dr. Laura Grow, BCBA-D (April, 2016)